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Stuart Haywood

CHESTERFIELD, United Kingdom


I was born in the coal mining midlands of England in 1953. Even from an early age I
had a passion for writing and story telling. Although my English and Grammar was
fairly average; I always received top marks for essay and short story writing. I
published my first book in 2007 with Lulu. 'Zoo', is set in rural England on the
hottest summer's day in recent history. The head keeper,' Bob Davidson,' believed
that after several years in the British 'Special Air Service', his current job would see
him to retirement in this comfortable and enjoyable profession. In the early predawn
hours of what would be the busiest day of the year; a strange object fell from the
sky which immediately manifested a powerful controlling influence on the Bengal
Tiger. This soon spreads to the rest of the animals and they begin to attack the
human visitors and keepers at the zoo. Bob calls upon some of his comrades still
at Hereford and soon is embroiled in a running battle to save the people in his care.
At this point I would like to add a few comments: In July and August of 2012 I was
suddenly excited by a surge of sales as orders flooded into Barnes and Noble. This
flurry ended as quickly as it began. A few months later as you will all know a best
seller was published called 'Zoo' and it was about, yes you have guessed; 'animals'
For a while I felt 'what is the point of writing, if the 'big' boys are just looking for new
material, and making huge sums of money' Sorry but I felt I had to share that with
you. However, I did pick myself up and penned Zoo 2 (The Return). This ran to over
700 pages and I enjoyed writing it immensely even if it appeared in someone else' s
repertoire. That was also published on Lulu. Since then I have just completed my
third novel entitled 'Ghetto of Hell'. 1940s Warsaw is the setting as the Benelowicz
family struggle through the inhuman treatment of the Polish Jews by the Nazi SS.
Jan Benelowicz, the elder brother is a carpenter, but in April of 1943 as the
'Uprising' begins, he finds himself a reluctant leader of men who fight for their very
existence daily. The book also portrays that not all Germans enjoyed the
of the Jews, quite the reverse.
I am currently working on a novel which has an unusual mix of medieval history,
murder, together with Ancient Alien theories. I have never submitted a manuscript.
This was perhaps because I never really believed I would get a publishing deal, but
seeing sites such as WritersNet has given me the confidence to explore the

Interests: Writing, Playing Musical Instruments, Photography. Anything creative I suppose that has an end result

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Zoo
  • Zoo 2 (The Return)
  • Ghetto of Hell
  • Pillar of Rock
  • Nonfiction

  • Bolsover (A Ripple in Time)