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Alamgir Hashmi

Islamabad, Pakistan


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Just how Hashmi�s writings have helped to shape the discussion of various
subjects may also offer a glimpse of the writerly life�evident from the reference in
many languages in the following sample of recent publications.

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Interests: Poetry. Prose (Fiction and Non-fiction). Literary Scholarship and Criticism. Theatre. Film. Translation. Scholarly Editing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Pakistani Short Stories in English
  • Poetry

  • Neither This Time / Nor That Place
  • America is a Punjabi Word
  • A Choice of Hashmi's Verse
  • This Time in Lahore: New Poems
  • The Oath and Amen: Love Poems
  • The Poems of Alamgir Hashmi: Collected Poems
  • My Second in Kentucky
  • Sun and Moon and Other Poems
  • Inland and Other Poems
  • An Old Chair
  • The Ramazan Libation: Selected Poems
  • Other

  • The Worlds of Muslim Imagination
  • The Commonwealth, Comparative Literature and the World
  • Ezra Pound
  • Postindependence Voices in South Asian Writings
  • Pakistani Literature: The Contemporary English Writers
  • Your Essence, Martyr
  • Commonwealth Literature: An Essay Towards the Re-definition of a Popular/Counter Culture