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valentina acava mmaka

cape town, South Africa

Valentina Acava Mmaka is an Italian-South African author and human rights
activist. She has published seven books in Italy: Il mondo a colori della famiglia
BwanaVal - Kabiliana 2002 (children);Jabuni il mistero della città sommersa - EMI
2003 (children); Amani i nomi della pace - EMI 2004 (children), L'ottava nota-
Prospettiva 2002 (poetry);Io..donna...immigrata... volere dire scrivere - EMI 2004
(drama);Cercando Lindiwe - Epoché 2007, Kabiliana Press 2014 (novel); Il Viaggio
capovolto - Epoché 2010 (novel). She coordinates a number of workshops based on
social theatre, gender equality, human rights and writing. She has a 15 year's
experience in working with refugees, asylum seekers in Africa and Europe,
immigrant communities in the diaspora.
Valentina Acava Mmaka promotes educational projects in East Africa providing
disadvantaged areas with sustainable libraries allowing children and adults to have
easy access to books.
Her work has been widely praised for promoting diversity as a value and intercultural
dialogue, as well as contributing in defending the rights of migrants and refugees
through her writing and workshops.
In 2011 she has founded in Cape Town the Gugu Women Lab a collective of South
African and immigrant women from other African countries, involved in a project (The
Power of Imagination) of writing, spaces and human rights. This experience lead to
the performance THE CUT, which raises awareness on Female Genital Mutilation
and for this reason in 2014 has received the advocacy of Amnesty International.
Since 2013 the performance is on tour in Europe.
Her work has been studied in University and degree thesis were dedicated to her
work and also published in Italy.

Her Novel Cercando Lindiwe (Seeking Lindiwe) set in South Africa between the 60s
and the 90s will be re-published seven years later the first edition on April 2014 in
occasion of the 20th aniversary of the end of Apartheid in South Africa by Kabiliana

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