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teresa lane

Agent: Alan Gray
Kingston, Tennessee, United States


I am a small town girl, love running around barefoot, with a big dream.
I was born and raised to be a country girl. I have a big appetite for Science Fiction, you might say I am a fanatic about it. My grandparents, who raised me, didn't quite understand that Star Trek was actually beneficial to my emotional and intellectual well being. I am shy and find writing gives me an outlet to express myself. I am divorced, have two grown children who are my biological son and daughter and three adopted daughters. I worked as a nurse for 20 years, but can no longer do it, I have health issues. If I ask other authors to check out my stuff I am not going to fall to peaces if everyone hates it. Just tell me what to do to make it go down a little better and I will tweak it.

Interests: I love reading a good book, working on my new book, my grandchildren, swimming, the beach and a great movie.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No