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irene chain kalinowski

waitakere City, New Zealand

Irene Chain Kalinowski (1956) was born in Rotherham,South Yorkshire England, to Polish immigrant parents, grew up and trained as a Midwife in Rotherham, South Yorkshire,England and has practiced midwifery through three continents, Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand. For thirty four years she has practiced midwifery.A journey that has taken her through countries where women have faith in childbirth and through countries where birth is medicalised and where women are fearful of it. To that of Her first book, "The Heart and Soul of Midwifery" Tells a story of how birth became so complex in our western society and how we need to make changes in the way we provide maternity services. How women need to to take charge of their experience and how we need to understand the normal physiological process of childbirth. She shares real life experiences and takes you into the heart and soul of childbirth. This is a valuable insight into complexities the way we provide care. A great resource for those providing maternity services and for those who wish to understand how care should be individualised.

She released her Second Book "My Body My Baby" in March 2013, Inspired by her nieces traumatic childbirth experience and the alarming C Section rates. She cares deeply for women giving birth and no woman should be traumatised from her birthing experience.

"Healthy women will produce healthy babies and there will be celebration of birth globally," states Chain-Kalinowski. "It is not only women who need to regain faith in childbirth, but our medical profession, needs to do just that. So when women take care of themselves there will be less need for interventions and we will see more homebirths and celebrated births as our children become confident in the gift that was bestowed upon us, the ability to birth. Women are in fact the driving force of maternity services and they need to reclaim 'Birth.'"

LET IT BE. Released November 2013. an unpredictable journey through three continents encourages everyone to face what ever life throws at them. When they LET IT BE they can make it. Educational funny and may bring some tears

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