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Norman Clark

Chambery, France


I’ve been a Creative Director/Designer for as long as I can remember and, at 60 odd, I’m now officially the oldest graphic designer I know (apart from a couple of sad delusional friends - you know who you are!). As you no doubt know, most successful designers older than say, 21 or 22, retire to another country (usually warmer), marry a local girl and immediately start a company importing macrobiotic virgin olive oil back to where they have just left. Or… they make a BBC documentary with somebody called Fiona or Quentin about how they converted an old Alpine barn into a 3-star gîte and are now ‘living the dream’. Or... in an attempt to ‘integrate’ into the local community, they find themselves suddenly involved in a far-reaching international wife swapping/money laundering scandal (opportunity is a fine thing:-).

As for myself, I gave up all of these obvious benefits (except retiring to a warmer country) and decided to devote myself to doing what I like most. I love words and pictures and the stories they tell. When words are triple distilled into single malt, they become poetry. When pictures are drawn to serve ideas (instead of the artist), they become Art. I’m on a mission to either create of find books where words and pictures come together to create something truly remarkable. This has happened quite often in the past but, sadly, many wonderful old books are as rare as hens teeth or out of print. We have the technology to change that!

Interests: Words and pictures and the stories they tell.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No