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robin dridge

Dallas, Texas, United States


I graduated as an alien in a high school where everyone was a cousin. I attended various Universities and colleges achieving an associate EE degree in electronics and a bachelors degree in business. I have a second class FCC license and had secret clearance with the Navy building missiles at TI. I worked in various ventures for Rockwell International, before coming to the conclusion corporations are run by idiots due to the peter principal. Shortly after coming to this conclusion, I'm pretty sure I inspired the movie Office Space. It took me three months to get fired, to draw unemployment and take the summer of 1984 off. Since then, I have run my own company of mobile DJ's for a living, writing in my spare time.
I am English and German, with enough Irish to land me in jail overnight a few times. I have been known to sprint to a bright light at night, thinking I am getting out of here. But alas, always to awake to disappointment. I'm often chastised for never taking anything seriously, but I look at life on this monkey rock as one big joke, with me the butt of it upstairs.
I can run any country down here better than the idiots that do now, because there are no overcomplicated problems, just overly stupid people. In the immortal words of Forest Gump, " That's all I got to say about that."
My writing is distinctively different. Step into the fascinating world of dridge- unique twists of descriptive poetry and "out of the box" quotes meticulously tapped from the extreme mind of dridge. I will have you utterly entranced in superlative logic and imagination beyond traditional boundaries.

Interests: writing, stand-up comedy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


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  • UN-P.C. Chimes
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