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Sinead MacDughlas

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was born in 1970, (I'll wait while you do the math, lol). I'm Canadian, a bit of a patriot,
and I live in a small town North of Toronto, Ontario. I have a hard-working husband, two
children, and a black, medium-haired cat who thinks I'm his pet.

My addictive personality is appeased by coffee, cheese, chocolate, books, music, the
internet ... and nicotine which I'm trying to give up. I used to have serious shoe and
make-up addictions. I'd collect them, but hardly wear them.

My ongoing love affairs are with semi-colons, commas, and ellipses. Punctuation, self-
doubt, and moths are my personal nemeses. People have called me an encyclopedia
of useless information and I talk ... Way.Too.Much.

Interests: Literature, music, parenting, crafting, baking, poetry, fantasy-fiction, sci-fi, mystery, comedy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Unscheduled Stops
  • Learn To Love Me
  • Best Served Bloody