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Alex Marshall

Agent: None
Woking, United Kingdom


Hello and Welcome! I'm a writer of imaginative prose with a growing portfolio of short and full-length fiction.

My first novel is complete and looking for home.

'The Flame-Bringer' (110Kwords) is a YA fantasy set in an imaginary epoch of Earth's distant past. The Flame-Bringer presents a new theory of creation, examining mankind's role in the cosmos. It re-tells the iconic story of Adam & Eve in an original and thought-provoking way.

I have written numerous short stories for magazines and competitions)

I am male, a UK resident and I'm married with two young children.

My completed short stories are:

# Beyond The Lizard Gate (Sword & Sorcery - 6,200 words)

In the bleak mountains of the Serpent's Teeth, two brothers battle for supremacy. Aided by his witch-sighted sister but haunted by the horrors of the past, Prince Castor fights dark sorcery and the legions of the undead to be avenged on his murderous brother.

# The Crimson Tower (Apocalyptic fantasy - 10,000 words):

Upon the shattered, war-torn earth of the far future, an aged scientist wearied by grief, must break the vicious cycle of bloodshed and revenge that has consumed the planet. At the brink of despair he conspires to strike a blow for humanity and undo the wrongs of an ages-long slide into darkness.

# Renegade (Dark fantasy/horror - 7,000 words):

Renegade is set upon a future earth whose population has been scattered and whose shining cities have been laid waste in the recent past by the impact of giant meteorite. The survivors inhabit the crumbling remains of once great Sanctuaries. These have become grim capitals of warring city-states that now dominate the Super-Continent of Pangaia - a wilderness of mountain, desert and trackless jungle adrift in a hostile ocean. Pangaia is formed from the 'continental crunch' that some geologists predict will be the ultimate result of continental drift some 250 million years hence.

In the story, a war-weary veteran journeys to the edge of civilisation. He seeks a magic relic - the Sky Pearl - rumoured to possess the power to heal. The faith and trust of a crippled girl offer a kind of redemption, but destruction and betrayal follow close upon his heels.

# Queen of the Desert (Fantasy - 6,000 words)

Also set upon the future-world of Pangaia, Queen of the Desert is a dark tale of manipulation and revenge.

Derwent Glass is a misfit, fleeing his homeland and his adoptive family to find answers to the mysteries of his birth.
Lost in uncharted lands he falls prey to strange and beautiful siren and unwittingly becomes her tool.

# Deluge (Fantasy - 7000 words)

In a distant galaxy, the Chaos Lord En�l musters daemonic forces to destroy his human foes. The fate of worlds hangs in the balance but before he can claim victory, En�l must face his nemesis; the enigmatic warrior-priest Noor.

# A Line in the Sand (Fantasy - 7000 words)

On a desert planet, humanity battles a dreadful alien scourge. But the enemies of mankind have found a weakness and they strike quickly with overwhelming force. Hope alone cannot shield two million human souls from the ceaseless hunger of the invading alien horde. One man must find the faith and courage to stand...

Interests: Science fiction & fantasy, apocalyptic fiction, ancient history, anthropology, historical fiction, spirituality.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Crimson Tower
  • Evensong
  • Beyond the Lizard Gate
  • Queen of the Desert
  • Renegade