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Bev Spicer

Corme Royal, France

It all began in Bridgnorth. A medium-sized market town with a blown-up castle (not bouncy). I lived at Hop Pole House in Underhill Street with caves at the bottom of my garden where Oliver Cromwell used to hang out. I went to school in High Town, which meant climbing up Stoneway steps every morning, hoping not to be overtaken by Miss Turner, the PE teacher, (she was quite sarcastic about people who didn't run everywhere). Occasionally I had sixpence for a ride on the Cliff Railway (shortest and steepest in England!) and then it was even more imperative not to bump into Miss Turner.

Since leaving Bridgnorth Endowed School and all my childhood friends, I have accumulated various certificates at various establishments, the last being a rather prestigious one. It was a huge surprise to me when I was accepted at Queens' College Cambridge on a PGCE postgraduate course in teaching English. Wow. And that was in spite of spilling a schooner of sherry down my shirt at interview. My thanks to Professor Terry McLachlan for not laughing.

I went into EFL fairly rapidly, after failing miserably as a secondary school teacher at a progressive school in Milton Keynes, where the majority of the children's parents earned far more than I did. Not recommended for people who are not streetwise and/or cool.

Luckily, I was better at teaching English as a Foreign language and, clutching yet another certificate, travelled to Greece and Seychelles before returning to Cambridge and ending up as a lecturer in English at Anglia Ruskin University. Great people. Great job.

Why did I leave? My husband and I decided that life was too comfortable and we wanted to shake it up a bit. So we dragged our two children off to France ('why are you ruining our lives?'), where we soon became happy, but not ever after..

Spain is next, or perhaps Greece, although we have promised to wait until the boys have finished lycee (five more years). It's only fair, and France is still thrilling us, anyway.

I write full-time now and have five ebooks and two paperbacks available on Amazon, with other works in progress coming along nicely. 'Stranded in the Seychelles' is a terrible time-waster as I end up watching endless (and often tedious - shouldn't be churlish) videos of the places I remember - but it's all part of the writing process.

So, that's me.

Oh, and I used to work for Playboy as a blackjack dealer. You can read about that, if you like the 80s (Debbie Harry, fluffy jackets, Poptarts) and enjoy humorous memoirs: 'Bunny on a Bike' is the title. Good visual?


Interests: Writing, obviously! I also love to read anything that takes my fancy, from classics to experimental new works. Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite authors. I am an amateur astronomer, zumba freak, uninspired cook and bottle washer, aspiring mother a

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Bunny on a Bike
  • One Summer in France