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Fakeer Ishavardas

Punjab, India


Home page:

Fakeer Ishavardas, after initial schooling at an exclusive boarding public school,
ventured into many a youthful adventure; but did not fail to complete his higher
education; which, includes an M.B.A, a Th.D (Theology and Divinity), and a PhD
(Religious Studies and Metaphysics).

However, after a series of surrealistic experiences from 1990-94, culminating in Self-
Realization, unable to sustain an everyday metropolitan life of Delhi and Mumbai any
more, he returned to his small hometown in Punjab in Christmas of 1997.

Now, he lives as majestic or mundane a life as anybody else in the world, with a little
difference - being in this world but not of this world. As a free mystic, of sorts.

To date, he has written some 30 metaphysical books in English, Hindi and Punjabi.
music albums, based on the metaphysical poetry of the author in Hindi and Punjabi,
have been in public domain since 2001.

His latest work, published on Kindle on, is "YOGA OF JESUS -
The Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ". The author's upcoming book is of
metaphysical poetry - "THAT WHICH IS - The Story of God".

Currently, his is nearing completion of a memoir, of his free mystical sojourn to
aptly named - O' HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE! (Brown Man, White Land, God

Interests: Mysticism, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Yoga, Philosophy, Poetry, Life, Death, Theology, Comparative Religion, Enlightenment, Music, World News, Literature.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • YOGA OF JESUS (Cracking The Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ