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Shane Norwood

San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile

Shane Norwood is the alter ego of Eejit Spleen. Shane is devoted family man who keeps a roof over their heads by walking around in circles in a suit, in Chile, masquerading as a casino manager, and occasionally pretending to be Robert Mitchum. Eejit Spleen is a complete and unmitigated twat, without a single redeeming feature, a vicious swamp hermit who spends his time at the bottom of a bottle concocting preposterous fabrications, and trying to palm them off as literature on an unsuspecting public. He is currently considering taking the head of a major publishing company hostage, in order to compel him to make his latest inept endeavor a best seller by locking him in windowless room and making him listen to Celine Dion records until he cracks.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No