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Chris Leandro

Fosemagne, France


Home page:

I was born in Queen Elizabeth’s coronation year, the year that Edmund Hillary conquered Everest…
Can one call ones childhood both difficult and idyllic? Yes, I think looking back that that was the case even if the contradiction is difficult to reconcile. I spent some of it following my parents around the far east, pulling up roots regularly and putting them down with a rapidity that ended up breeding the resilience that has carried me through these last few decades.
There followed a few stimulating years in English art schools which ended suddenly at the end of the punk era when I dropped out of the Royal College of art to take up a string of decorative and artistic pursuits mostly involving metal and fire, though there was plenty of paper in there too. I designed and made jewellery and had a few small exhibitions of sculpture. Then I literally jumped on the band wagon by forming a wacky troop of pyrotechnic performers who did shows for several years all over Europe.
After a measure of fun and more upheavals I finally hit on the perfect combination for my talents with my wrought iron business which I have been running in the south of France since before the turn of the millennium. I live there still with much of my family.
I only discovered that I had something to say recently when a novel, The Stone Picker, literally insisted on being written. This was a bit of a shock at the time but after a short but sweet gestation and a hundred thousand words it is finished. A first novel, bless its little cotton socks.

Interests: I do of course have many interests as any self respecting author must. It is the attention to those special areas that has brought my first novel to life. In this case it is art, mostly in the form of sculpture and prehistory. I should also include a pass

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