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Heather Eaton

Alameda, California, United States


Born in San Francisco, California in 1964 she lived her first few years in Berkeley
and Palo Alto. Her family then moved to Terra Haute, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio
before joining the Peace Corps and moving to Valdivia in Southern Chile. In 1976
she moved back to Berkeley for a year before joining her mother and sister in
Quito, Ecuador and then Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In 1978 she moved to Santiago,
Chile to live with her father and spent the next 25 years living there and raising a
family. In 2003 she moved back to the Bay Area where she lived in Vallejo,
California with her grandmother and later with her daughter and grandson. She
recently married and now lives happily ever after in Alameda, California.

Heather was raised by scientists in an atheist environment. In her 30’s she suffered
a serious foot injury which left her in a wheelchair for several months. Having been
an avid reader her whole life she turned to more spiritual interests and started
writing to help her absorb and process what she was learning. She has written
three books so far.

Interests: Loving, Laughing, Reading, Writing, Sharing, Learning, Conversing...

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual and Occult
  • The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual and Occult
  • Other

  • The Book of Herbs and Magic