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Rahel Gujjar

Agent: Rahel GUjjar

Pirmahal, Other US, Pakistan


Status of women in Islam and did not respect? What is the name of the woman at the beautiful relationships? Feminist woman has not forbidden by Islam?How are we going to be "Islam gave women the freedom that we do not the Western society should look kamtalah" God created woman, daughter, sister made the wife and motherwill be evergreens. did have the freedom Western women who had fifteen hundred years ago Islam?What a joy to see the West as rich in blessing? course not., which are either brother or father or husband. everyone has their own story, according to a survey of Western women come up with the societyand the responsibility of man kuagr woman wants to go out with the intention to earn money but it is a legitimate veiled 'women's rights women of today are being foolish and women have understood the toy is being used, has brought them to the streets and made the sign board is beauty. jhazaun Air husts seat reserved for them has been made, the sales girls became tenants. though no one Commercial incomplete without a woman is a matter of regret that this situation came up that we did not bring a woman on the street, unless they were not kuazady can not progress our society, who formula Who is the inventor of the formula? This formula kadya huahy the non-Muslim West, the status of women do not know the location of a formula and a formula is what it is Islam, what the West is better than formula formula of Islam 'that We have decided to Eastern and woman
Writing .. Raheel Gujjar)

Interests: Islam and the rights nsua

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  • اسسٹنٹ کمشنر پیرمحل حافظ نجیب احمد ماہ رمضان میں اشیا ء خوردونوش کی بہتر کوالٹی اورقیمتوں بارے اچانک سبزی وفروٹ منڈی پہنچ گئے
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  • Islam and the rights nsua