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Christy Penman

Agent: Georgina Sipossovaginsky
Los Angeles, California, United States


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AOL: Christy Penman

Christy Penman is a 13-year-old author, published by Fountain Pen Press. Ms.
Penman began writing at a very early age, dictating and illustrating her first story at
age 5, and writing and illustrating her first children's book at age 9. Penman's debut
fantasy novel, 'The Quest of the Hudion' is expected in stores and online September
29, 2013. Her second novel, 'Full Moon Magic' will be release winter of 2014.
Presently, Penman is writing the first draft of her third novel, and devoting most of
her time to school, and 20 hours of serious classical ballet a week.

Penman lives with her mom, dad, little sister, and many pets. In her free time, she
enjoys surfing with her dad, walking with her mom, and playing board-games and
puzzles with her sister.

Christy Penman's official site and blog:

Interests: Surfing, writing, classical ballet, photography, drawing, painting, digital design, interior design, reading, piano, music, art, gardening

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Quest of the Hudion