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Natasja Hellenthal

Sale, United Kingdom


Home page:

: Natasja Hellenthal

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, have travelled and lived in Norway,
Wales, Ireland and currently residing in the UK with my partner, two small children,
two dogs who have a love and hate relationship and a cat called Mathilda.

My debut fantasy novel 'The Queen's Curse' was launched on Amazon Kindle on
the first of May 2013. Find it here

My second fantasy novel The Call Off The Search (Book 1 of The Last Of The
Comyenti Trilogy) will be ready for publication on the first of August 2013

'The Queen's Curse'
This novel has been in the making some twenty years now, so basically whilst I
myself was struggling with a lot of things that happened in society affecting me as
a very sensitive person such as justice and injustice, what it's like being powerless,
freedom or the loss of it and of course my coming out and experiencing romance.
Waking one morning with one line in my head, I started to build the story around it.
The characters are all based upon different aspects of me, so it came natural to
write and the story soon came to life.

I like to think it a original heroic spiritual Fantasy with a lesbian sub-theme,
because I don't want to be labeled as a lesbian writer or this a lesbian novel. The
main theme is not about lesbians; the two main characters just happen to be just
that. It makes it even harder for them to live their lives with the curse around, so the
story becomes more interesting. I wanted to steer away from the cliches so often
found in main stream Fantasy. Reaching out to a broad audience I hope that both
male and female, straight and gay can relate to this story as it has many
interesting elements such as: justice/injustice, power/control, romance,
freedom,adventure, magic, immortality, intrigue, soul searching, love, life, loss and
near death experience.

In this book I explore the ancient battle between good and evil so common in
What is evil and how does someone become bad; a question that has always
intrigued me. In my work I deal with all elements of life, love and loss and try to
build strong characters as realistic as possible, for even though the genre is
Fantasy I want people to feel connected with my heroes and villains as they would
with their friends.

Interests: nature,gardening,literature, poetry,wildlife, outdoor activities

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Queen\\\'s Curse