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maria cristina sburlea

Bucharest, Romania


I was not privileged but I was lucky enough to travel the world and who managed to immerse myself in many cultures which have taught me a lot. I love learning new information about basically everything but with an emphasis on human rights, history, the universe, multiculturalism. I am 25 years old, I cannot say I live in just one country as in the past 5 years I had the opportunity to live in several countries in Europe and Asia and I did not manage to decide where exactly to settle down so I am still trying to do a semester in one country (studying or teaching - and sometimes both), the next in a different one and so on. I loved to paint, write and sing as a child, but due to unfortunate circumstances I had to give it all up until I turned 24 and I met the artist I most admire in this world and who had an amazing reaction to what I was doing and so I decided to give my passions another chance and turned from a career as a political consultant to teaching and well doing things related to art (so I would not say that my life has changed in the past year and half, I just completely shifted focus...)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No