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Paul Andrew Anderson

Agent: ISO
Littleton, Colorado, United States


Home page:

(ISBN # 1403364346 & 54) A mentor told me there were three kinds of people on Earth: Those who make things happen, those who watch as things happen, and those who wonder what has happened! I decided to quit thinking about publishing and just do it! I lost my mentor, but not his passion for writing (he was a great Theologian). This introduction will be short as it should be, because you're likely briefing this to decide rather to read it or not. I hope that you do, not because I need to sell books, but because the content will change you, and, because I became a writer as a result of great pain and sacrifice in my personal life. Is that not the source, the core of all great writers? I must add however, as a by-product of things beyond my control, itís been quite adventurous as well: Consequently, you will relate to most of its content, and even see yourself therein! I am hopeful that my writings will change lives, adding positively to the substance of the Universe in some small way. We live in disturbing times, and questions are many. There are answers!

Interests: Philosophy, Sociology, Theology, Metaphysics, Psychology, Anabaptism and Christianity.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Sin of Religion/The Love of God
  • The Indwelling: Prophetic Matthew Seven Christians