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shaakshi shaakshi

Chennai , India


What can you put on a biography when the ‘me’ is no more, when there are no memories, no associations, no identification as the ‘me’, no differentiation as the ‘me’ or the ‘non me’ and this can be truly challenging and definitely seems to be the most difficult part. What can you write about a person who is not a ‘person’ at all? A soul, an energy that lives and moves through life just like everybody else.
The emotional waves that rides through every human heart passes through the author’s heart as well; anger, fear, insecurity, doubt, depression, fear, loneliness, gloom, despair, worries, anxieties and a host of other powerful emotions that toss and turn every human life at its own will and make life seem a lot more monstrous than it actually is. Only in her case there is no accumulation, no entity collecting emotional memories of events. Emotions come and go leaving no impression at all leaving behind mere sensations of humanness, love, joy and peace.
Years of burning awareness removes layers and layers of impressions from the human mind leaving nothing behind to identify as the ‘me’. There is no identification with any form for the sense of formlessness has long superseded the form. What is left for a soul like this ‘to do’? Perhaps bring similar souls together and conference on the beauty of ‘non being’.
For literary purpose, Shaakshi lives in Chennai, India. She is a pleasing personality, deeply spiritual and sincere, enthusiastic about enhancing humanity quotient, kind and well meaning (except on those rare prankster moments), and energetic young soul with enormous capacity for love.

Interests:  An independent inquisitive soul (not just a form) intrigued by the mysteries of life and that of the human mind.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • ILLUMINATIng the inner world of man