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Carew Papritz

Rio Rico, Arizona, United States


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Carew Papritz, Author
King Northern, Inc., Publisher

The Legacy Letters
(Release Date July 2013)

The Legacy Letters is the story of a man who, in the last seven months of his life, reveals his thoughts about life, love, and spirituality through letters and songs that he leaves behind as gift to his children whom he would never see, and to his wife, who he loved deeply.

A Timeless Guidebook to Life
The father's letters are given to his children as a self-help compendium of practical, moral, and philosophical ideas on how to live life, both to when they are children and throughout the entirety of their lives.

A Great and Enduring Love Story
A powerful love story is unveiled within the letters—of how the husband and wife part under tragic circumstances, and of the husband’s attempt to reconcile the great love they once had.

A Life-Transforming Spiritual Journey
The letters become a life-transforming spiritual guide, as the man, in attempting to deal with both his separation and his impending death, reveals to his children—and his wife—his rededication to life, in all of its truthfulness, possibility, and passion.

A Beautiful and Haunting Gift of Songs
In addition to the letters, the man left for his wife and children a collection of songs, which further revealed and charted the intense emotional and spiritual transformation of his last seven months.

Interests: Writing, Reading

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  • The Legacy Letters