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Patricia Buckley

Skerryhill, Rathfeigh
Tara, Ireland


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Born in Dublin in the early 1960s, Patricia Buckley's childhood and adolescence are rife with overwhelming pain. The daughter of an alcoholic, violent father and a physically and morally exhausted mother, ever since Patricia can remember, she was beaten, used and abused by the men in her life. Overworked, at times destitute and homeless, alcohol her drug of choice, at one point imprisoned in a mental ward.
How does one survive such pain and circumstance? The eldest of 10 long-suffering children, Patricia is a remarkable woman in that she has had no formal education yet is truly gifted with the ultimate "Gift,", able to communicate with spirit. God blessed the child Patricia, who at the youngest age saw and spoke with angels and often had fleeting contact with the dead.
At the age of six, Patricia encountered the spirit of a little boy who'd drowned. It was the first time she had come face-to-face with a spirit, but little Patricia was already aware of the angels in her life. Conversations with the angels that began when she was seven encouraged a sense of protection and guidance. During adolescence, on many occasions, Patricia gave impromptu readings to complete strangers when spirits of their relatives approached her.
Patricia embraced the angels and later shared her secret with her paternal grandmother, who could also see them and was the only one who recognized and praised her gift. However, when her grandmother died, young Patricia knew she'd have to deny these relationships or live at the mercy of those who misunderstood her gift as a "curse" and thought her mad. She discovered early on that talking about the angels would only lead to chastisement and cruelty from her parents and others. As a result, Patricia was compelled to keep the angels secret while also learning to love and appreciate their presence in her life.
How does one contain such a secret? As abuse, poverty, exhaustion, fear, and loneliness steadily took their unrelenting toll, she learned to rely on communicating with angels for feelings of security and affirmation. They give her comfort and courage, healing and guidance, and helped her with communication, even when the rest of the world seemed to just give up on her.
Gifted but tormented, Patricia's home life was a boiling cauldron of physical abuse by her alcoholic father and emotional detachment from her chronically depressed mother. As the oldest child, Patricia was burdened with helping her mother care for her many siblings. Once she grew older, Patricia also became the main breadwinner in a household where her mother stayed home and her father worked sporadically.
At age 12, she was forced to leave school in order to work and provide for the family, and has worked steadily ever since. In her late teens, the hardship of working full-time and assisting her mother with caretaking duties became too much for her and after a three-month stay in a mental health hospital, Patricia denounced the angels and continued to use antidepressants into late adulthood.
Many years later, she met and married a wonderful, supportive man, the father of her children, but still denied her angels. It was not until her children were grown that Patricia reopened her heart to the angels and made contact with the spiritual world once more, and had the courage to confess her unique gifts to her husband, who encouraged her. She then began to follow the path that was her true destiny and quickly found many other people to be receptive as well. By the 1990s, a great many in the UK and America were very interested in angels and the active part they often play in our lives.
Patricia's passion and her vocation is exercising her gift, reaching out, through her angels, to people in their hour of need and helping them cope with and understand their grief. Her relationships with angels have helped to free her from the torments of physical and emotional abuse as well as years of depression and anxiety, allowing her to rediscover her own spiritual openness and personal acceptance.
Today, Patricia Buckley is a young, petite 51 year old mother of three: Stephen Jr. 31, Alan 30 and Kym, 28. Grandmother to five: Rebecca 11 , Holly 7, Twins Freya & Sean 2 and James 7 months. Patricia and Stephen Buckley, her husband of 31 years, run a very successful business, Angels of Ireland, but it is clearly the spiritual readings she performs for those who come seeking wisdom and healing that give her the most satisfaction.
Patricia is blessed with a positive word of gratitude, insight, compassion, and is able to see the humor in any situation. Hers is a deeply moving spiritual journey, demonstrating determination and courage. "Someone once asked me how I hold my head up so high after all I've been through. It's because, no matter what, I am a survivor. Never a victim."
She has learned to have the strength and courage to be who you truly are in a world that will readily deny your truth due to fear or misunderstanding. Patricia's story is a simple testament to how the universe will open up to you when you exist in the world as your authentic self.

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  • My Journey With The Angels