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Janis Smith

Thetford, United Kingdom


Home page:

Janis Denise Pegrum was born in Mile End, London, England on the 18th of March 1966.

Where other children drew pictures, she wrote poetry and stories (despite being afflicted with chronic dyslexia).

Where other children went to the beach on holiday, she explored stately homes and ancient monuments.

She bought her first typewriter aged 10 with the £50 winnings from a horse called Saucy Sergeant, a horse her father claimed was ‘a donkey that will run backwards‘.

She left School at 16 with 8 ‘O’ levels.

She had diverse careers as an Airframe Mechanic in the Royal Air Force; a Trainee Foreign Exchange Dealer; an Advisor/Specialist Counsellor and Manager with Citizen’s Advice Bureau and as a Scrubber in a Stately Home.

She is qualified in various areas as a generalist advisor, substance misuse and domestic violence counsellor, homeopathist and studied psychology at CRC Cambridge.

She has two grown-up children of whom she is immensely proud.

After a very bumpy first 45 years in this life she found her twin soul, true love and happiness in 2010.

In 2011 she became Janis Denise Smith.

She resides in Norfolk with her husband, the wildlife photographer Nicholas ‘Teddy’ Smith and the ‘third musketeer‘ a.k.a. Pippin the Lurcher.

She began her writing apprenticeship in 1987 studying at/with various writing evening classes, workshops, writing groups and The Writer’s Summer School in Cambridge. In 2002 she had the very great honour of attending Robert McKee’s magnificent three-day ‘Story‘ workshop when it came to London.

In late 2011 she finally found herself in a place to launch her writing career proper.

She writes under the name Janis Pegrum Smith.

Janis Pegrum Smith is a writer of historical fiction and non-fiction.

She writes Novels – Screenplays – Plays – Short Stories – Poetry – Articles and Love Notes.

She is passionate about history and the ancient Norse belief that it is the story-teller’s job to keep souls immortal by relating their great deeds and triumphs to later generations.

In the tradition of the ancient Skalds she attempts to put

The words back into their mouths, the ground back beneath their feet, the sword back into their hands…

Interests: History, writing,music,DIY,reativity in general, walking, gardening,cooking,knitting,cycling,film...

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • More Than Gold