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Charles Jonathan Mbonabucha

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Name: Charles Jonathan
My Direct contact: +255 767 999964
I Have written one Book
Title of the book : The Know how in English and Swahili Tenses Hand book
Number of the Book: ISBN 978 9987 9645 1 2

Back cover Explanation:

This book is all about English and Swahili tenses, It has been designed for any person who wants to
know tenses, students in particular, I have consideredactive with passive voices as you can see
below one verb in different tenses and voices.
1. Neema teaches.
2. Neema is taught.
3. Neema is teaching.
4. Neema is being taught.
5. Neema has taught.
6. Neema has been taught.
7. Neema has been teaching.

8. Neema taught.
9. Neema was taught.
10. Neema was teaching.
11. Neema was being taught.
12. Neema had taught.
13. Neema had been taught.
14. Neema had been teaching.

15. Neema will teach.
16. Neema will be taught.
17. Neema will be teaching.
18. Neema will have taught.
19. Neema will have been taught.
20. Neema will have been teaching

1. Neema huwa anafundisha.
2. Neema huwa anafundishwa.
3. Neema anafundisha.
4. Neema anafundishwa.
5. Neema amefundisha.
6. Neema amefundishwa.
7. Neema amekuwa akifundisha.

8. Neema alifundisha.
9. Neema alifundishwa.
10. Neema alikuwa anafundisha.
11. Neema alikuwa anafundishwa.
12. Neema alikuwa amefundisha.
13. Neema alikuwa amefundishwa.
14. Neema alikuwa akifundisha.

15. Neema atafundisha.
16. Neema atafundishwa.
17. Neema atakuwa anafundisha.
18. Neema atakuwa amefundisha.
19. Neema atakuwa amefundishwa.
20. Neema atakuwa akifundisha

Interests: Writing English & Swahili Books

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes