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Mikki L. Padilla

Los Angeles, California, United States

A cool, free thinking, energy flowing girl lucky enough to have maintained a career in
the entertainment industry as an actress for as long as I have… among other many
jobs it took to pay the bills. I’ve had the opportunity to teach myself screenplay and
sitcom writing, the necessities that go into commercial creation, and even learned
how to write a book! Not to mention getting it published! I’ve written numerous poetic
versus throughout my life music lyrics, and have created everything from fashion, to
greeting cards, to my own original commercial campaigns. I love animals, nature,
sports, music, cooking, creativity, life, leisure, and anything that can keep me
laughing as much as possible.

I’m definitely an enthusiast. So if I can help elevate anybody, in any ways, through
my own life experiences, then that’s a huge benefit for the both of us! I feel that just
being myself is my most powerful tool in helping to lead others to the power of their
own selves. I’m as real as they come. I am who I am, and I love what I do… for the
reasons I choose.

I currently have 2 soul-sparking books out on the market. My first published book
titled, "Been There, Done That... now doing MORE! 50 Elements of The Woman
Experience"... is a prime example of living and expanding outside any box, much
less limits. I remind all those that have any kind of interest in my writing… not to be
fooled by the word "Woman" in Experience. This book can benefit everybody! You,
me, him, and WE. It offers the adult reader a humorous, entertaining, heartfelt, mind-
awakening... and very straightforward way of self-empowering.

Some of the topics are fun and silly. Some are a bit sensual and sexy. And most are
heartwarming. But every one, in some form… is inspiring! And although every
chapter will align differently with everybody, I believe something in here will open up
something for somebody! Even if the chapter is about hair, and you don’t have any. It
will definitely heighten the way you interact with those that that topic affects the most.
Whether it makes you cry or makes you laugh. Makes you feel sexy and a bit giggly.
Or, has you thinking of new ways to make a more effective life shift… it’s definitely a
great way to re-connect with the self by taking a break from the Internet… and
reading a book filled with encouragement!!!

It was designed to flow in sequence, and definitely wasn’t written to be read in one
sitting. So please enjoy the power of your own pace. The pages are filled with a
great deal of movement. And the farther you read through them… the deeper they
will get. And by all means, if your soul calls for you to skip around to those that catch
your attention most… then please do. You will resonate with what you do… when
you do!

My second published book currently available is titled, “Love Art.” It is a compilation
of stories narrated through several colors, layers, and textures of the imagination.
And through poetic rhythm, it is my way of painting emotion.

I invite you inside “Love Art” to explore the range of passion spread throughout 15 of
my pieces. To each our own absorption of love. So every story will align with
everybody differently. Hopefully somewhere within this interior… you will connect
with something you can relate to, reflect upon, and identify with so much that it
inspires you to voice your own personal movement. Even if it’s just putting your
thoughts, heartbeats, and visions on paper for you to read later. That’s creative

I look forward to the fabulous discussions here on Writers Net as a means of positive
progress in this fabulous word we like to call, "Literature."

Love, Light, Awareness, and Dareness...
Mikki L. Padilla

Interests: Inspiration, nature, humor, animals, food & cooking, sports, fashion, and oh how I love MUSIC!

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Been There, Done That... now doing MORE! 50 Elements of The Woman Experience
  • Poetry

  • Love Art