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Ines Cho

Seoul, Korea


About my novel, "A Certain Muse's Categories"...

While working as a cultural arbiter and media expert in Asia's largest media
network for 11 years (I quit! Hurray!!!), I have been often asked what it would be like
to live and work in the fastest trend central of Asia. As you can see in my resume,
I've covered quite a wide range of professions, from fashion styling to
developing web projects to journalism to art/design to running my own company.
Through them all, I feel exceedingly fortunate to have met so many interesting
people, good and bad and in-between, with unforgettable stories, some the whole
town went crazy, some hush-hush but shared anyway.

Also my solid job as the city's better-known English journalist specializing in
fashion, fine dining and trends provided me with opportunities to think rationally and
engage in in-depth research on what makes us human in the world today, as bits
and slices of my observations were written in countless published articles. Most of
them are archived in my personal Web site.

Yet, it wasn't enough, far from it. So I continued to write not only journals but
fictions; I still had more and more stories to tell and decided that all the small
puzzle pieces I had scrambled over the years could be told in a complete
story based on symbolic characters telling essential stories - thus making it a
"faction" - designed to extract a meaning, an interpretation or a deeper better
understanding. But, this particular faction is not limited normal phenomena in the
world we know as it goes beyond that rather freely. I let my imagination take where
it wanted to go because it is a fiction! Without hearing my - and her - story from
beginning to end, you cannot possibly know what it is like to breathe an air, see
the world as she sees and survive what she was given: a life. The story starts
out she is secretly having a tough time and you guessed it, she succumbs to her
destiny but her journey continues. To the heroine, or us confused people who had
been unknowingly stripped of rights to be loved and happy, though for a short period
of time, she cleverly employed a simplified survival kit for sanity sake: her own

My first English novel "A Certain Muse's Categories" is currently available in
Amazon's Kindle Edition and I am looking for a literary agent. This is a first-person
story told through the perceptive eyes of an ex-K-pop star on the decline. Readers
are immediately invited into the chore, both cultural and emotional, of the 10 million
city called Seoul, South Korea, now better known for her talented singer Psy's
"Gangnam Style." Months after my book was finished, he began making fun of the
same trendy district where my Muse prospered, struggled and eventually doomed
for a reason. If Psy's interpretation was a slapstick, mine is a glitz-and-glamour
filled, emotional psychodrama in which an utterly lonely soul desperately wishes to
be loved, saved and cherished forever.

Ines Cho is currently working on...
- Business Strategic Consultation in the Field of Fashion & Design/Architecture
- Multimedia Art Projects
- Brand Representative / Kimuse Revivals (

Seoul Editor / Luxe City Guides

In the past, she was...

2010-2012 Creative Director / New Business Development
Strategic Business Company, JoongAng Multimedia Network
2011 Writer / F (premium women) Section, JoongAng Ilbo
2007-2010 Creative Director / JoongAng Magazine & Books
2000-2007 Writer and Desk Chief of Life & Style Desk /
JoongAng Daily, Korean partner of the International Herald Tribune
(Founded Koreas first English culture newspaper
in partnership with the IHT Paris in 2000)

2002-2010 Strategic Committee Member / Korea Fashion Association

2009 Director / Fashion Exchange Program and Global Fashion Forum
for Spring/Summer 2008-9 Seoul Fashion Week

2008 Director & MC / Fashionista In Paris Reality TV Show
by Samsung TV on OnStyle

1998 Concept Director / Doff Fashion Advertising Agency
1997 Chief Editor / In Seoul Magazine (South Koreas first street magazine)

Author of two fashion books:

Stylish Men, Successful Men (Sodam Publishing Co.)
Black and White (Samsung Publishing Co.)

Fashion & Art Director
Brand/Marketing Consultant
TV Show Host
Multimedia Installation Artist
Author/ Columnist / Editor

Reporter del Gusto Rome, Italy
JoongAng Daily-International Herald Tribune Writer Award
JoongAng Daily-International Herald Tribune Writer Award
Plaque of Appreciation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, South Korea
Essay Contest Winner, British Embassy South Korea
Essay Contest Winner, Seoul Metropolitan Government


Interests: Trends, fashion, cooking, sports, piano.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • A Certain Muse\'s Categories