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Vikas Pratap Singh

Bangalore, India


Home page:

Hii.. I am a sapien who enjoys life to its fullest. Now a published poet and a budding

my partly published works:




Pen-name 'Warrior' for english creations एवं हिन्दी रचनाओं के लिए उपनाम 'हितैषी' || ©
Vikas Pratap Singh

My kickstart to d World of Novels

Although, for ever, only syllabus books were prescribed to me by school teachers n
parents alike.. but d twist in my story came when one day during our Library period
(when most of us used to grab Champak, Balhans, Nandan, or so), our lib. teacher,
instead, recommended me d hindi version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules
Verne.. that time I might had been in 5th or 6th std.

Moreover, around same time I was awarded some novel books in our school Annual
Function for standing 1st in my class 5th.. which I read subsequently as n when I found
time apart from school homework, tests, playing outdoors, and so many adventure
serials (like Mahabharat, Capt. Vyom, Shaktiman, Suraag, Shri Krishna, Chandrakanta,
etc. etc.) etc...

Those were d days I developed interest in novels; that too, adventure ones as it's in my
blood.. and d saga continues till now ;)

And there was one dream of mine since reading that first novel; I vowed myself to
complete its sort-of-incomplete ending. Since then, that dream has grown into writing
novel(s) of my own. I do have some brilliant story-lines.. bt d time reqd. to be devoted
for this 'noble' cause is checking it to be fulfilled.... but someday u'll definitely find a
copy of mine(s) in ur bookshelves :)

P.S. -- apart from that, I also developed interest in reading n writing poetry in college
days (thnx to a few of my very good 'poet' frnds)... so, have written about 200+ poems
till now cumulatively in both languages... :)

read myself

adventure addict.. astronomy buff.. arts admirer.. avid reader.. badminton enthusiast..
bicycle rider.. captain vyom.. casual dramatist.. dialogue frenzy.. destiny's vagabond..
forlorn artist.. free dreamer.. funnily serious.. future flutist.. god's unknown.. grown-up
teenager.. happiness trader.. innate poet.. internet crawler.. life's own maniac.. lost
sapien.. music lover.. nature enjoyer.. parents' celebrity.. r&d scientist.. relations
manager.. royal warrior.. sleeping hobbyist.. upcoming novelist.. vernacular
photographer.. youthful naive.. zesty zombie ;)

some of my intro couplets -->

मेरी कविता क्या है! ... सच्चाई के दो मोती हैं
एक खुशी की परछाईं का, एक दर्द की गहराई का
(विकास प्रताप सिंह 'हितैषी')


आनंद-अपरिमित भू-लोक को, नियत, और आलोकित कर जाऊं
आर्यावर्त इतिवृत्त में अनुमोदित, एक स्तम्भ 'हितैषी' बन पाऊँ|
(विकास प्रताप सिंह 'हितैषी')

Interests: Poetry, Astronomy, Badminton, Reading novels, Bicycling

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • In Praise - In Memory - In Ink (Poets With Voices Strong)
  • Inklinks
  • Ehsaas - Valentine Special eBook