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Sistla Rao

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Email: ssrao9

My first book "HOW TO GET A JOB IN 30 DAYS" was published in 1980 by an Indian Publishing House at New Delhi. I was elated. My joy knew no bounds (specially at that age - I was 32 in 1980).

Frankly, I would have written a series of "How to" as well as "How Not to.." books on virtually everything under the sun.. However, while the effervescence was still on, I was stumbled on something bizarre, something amazing - truly, an experience of one in millions - accidentally, unknowing and unsuspecting, I ran into a gang of crooks and cut-throats in the garb of perfect gentlemen. Finally I managed to escape from the 'clutches' and bust the gang.

This experience altered and delayed my writing career. My strange experience finally resulted in my completing a book (nonfiction) on the paranormal aspect of crime. There're criminals around us who cannot be brought to book by law and police investigation. They remain invisible for all practical purposes.

I am a B.A.(English Hons). If an Agent or a publisher is interested in my work, there can be no greater pleasurefor me.

Interests: Reading - special interest in subjects like astronomy, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No