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Michelle Muckley

Limassol, Cyprus

I was born in the town of Warwick in 1981. It is a small historical town in the heart of England, and Ι was the fifth child born into a family of boys. I developed an interest in the written world from a young age, with more than a little help from Roald Dahl. Book club at primary school only proved to increase my love of escaping into the world of a good book.

Whilst six years at secondary school did little to quell the romantic notion of one day sitting in my mountain cabin and smoking a celebratory cigarette as the first novel was born, somewhere within those six years the dream of becoming a writer got put on hold. Perhaps it was because science was deemed a safer career path, or maybe it was because they let me chop up hearts, but I found myself spending more and more time in the biology lab and eventually the university applications went in and the next twelve years of employment were set; science, hearts, although sadly no more dissections. Somewhere though resting quietly in the background was the desire to find those old aspirations to write, and follow the dream. It was at this point that I began to write my first book.

Six years later, having uprooted from England and having settled on the southern Mediterranean shores of Cyprus, the dream to publish is now a reality. I am still working as a part time scientist, but I am also writing daily. When I am not sat at the computer you will find me hiking in the mountains, drinking frappe at the beach, or talking to myself in the kitchen in the style of an American celebrity chef. Just think Ina Garten.

Interests: Ready and writing, hiking, sculpture

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No