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Ella Dvornik

zagreb, Croatia


Home page:

im 22 years old, im a perverted old man in a cute girls body.It is weird I know. Ive
started writing by keeping a journal. Then it just kind of evolved. In school I was the
best. My grades were awful, but my writing tests always an A+. Makes me
question myself if i have chosen the wrong profession? I have been everything
except a writer. I have written so many things, and have never let anyone see it. Its
just full of these dark twisted secrets and fantasies I can not explain. And ive been
afraid that people would not find it as normal as I do. I look 16 even tho im 22. I
take good care of myself, but everything else in my life is a huuuge mess. You
should see my room. I come from an artistic family od actors and musicians, also
a lot of drug abuse and alcohol, wich by me was completly understandable... i
mean... no one wrote a hit sober. What am I on? Nothing. Just give me a cigarette
and a sparkling drink and im ready to go. I lied. I like to drink. But I always regret it
for the next 3 months. My addiciton, Fucking cola zero... i drink shitloads of that.
And I smoke...alot...and I love it. Im originaly from Croatia, my English is excellent,
but the grammar... oh well , we can't all be perfect. Anyways long shit, short... Im a
cool girl, down to earth, always questionin my egzistence, i know a little bit about
everything, and im also not afraid to lie if I dont. I write memoairs.. not mine, but
fictional, drugs, sex, taboo, i wouldnt even call it erotic... i have no idea what im
talking about. If you are still reading this, i should buy you a drink.

Interests: manga,comics, anime, music, fashion...bla bla :)

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes