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Velma Sampson

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


Home page:

I have been writing most of my life and used it as an outlet for self-expression and self-exploration. Poetry has always flowed easily and the ability to craft a sentence with some "zing" never struck me as something special. It was my late father who pointed out that my writing ability was special.

I am a writer. I was going to say I am passionate about writing but that does not quite express it at all. It is who I am and it is passion about a topic, or even a simple word, that stirs up the end product. If I am not struck by passion about something then I do not write. It is that simple.

After 7 years of gathering dust on my computer, I finally self-published a collective work of poetry. This book is something I had wanted to do as a dedication to my two amazing daughters. I sat back with a great big, "Phew," saying, "Done." However, it seems that by finally accomplishing this long overdue task of love, it opened the floodgates of ideas and stories.

I maintain my own website and a movie director once contacted me (she is based in NY City) from India. Someone pointed her to my blog and she was so taken with what I wrote, she contacted me to say, "I hope you are putting your writing together in a book." I never realized until then, once again, just how inspiring my writing "might" be to others. I have received e-mails from all over the world from men and women who "happened" upon a blog I had written. The essence of all of their messages was that my writing was "perfect" and "inspirational" for what they were going through at the time when they, "happened" to come across the writing.

I love to inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be. I often tell people that if you have a passion, that passion is a seed planted in the soil of your heart as the beginnings of their "assignment" on earth; what it is they are called to do, that only they can accomplish and it is a blessing for them and the rest of this universe.

Bottom line, there is no separating me from writing. We are one and the same and it pours from the heartfelt passions that strike, often times unannounced. I need only be awake, aware and conscious of me and my environment at any given moment, and I will see something to write about. Yes, even driving to work I was "inspired" by a red traffic light!

As for what I did by way of a career, for most of my life I worked in the legal profession. I am currently in transition having crossed over to the holistic and alternative health and healing modalities, as a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Touch practitioner. These, in and of themselves, are definitely inspiring, as is my venture into Shamanism and other ancient modalities of spirituality.

Interests: Poetry, Inspirational Writing, True Stories, Photography, Alternative Healing, Humanity

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Fragrances from the Garden of My Heart