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Sonia Olivia Williams

Gilbert, Arizona, United States


Home page:

My name is Sonia Olivia Williams and "Mastering the Mind by Mixing it Up"- Key to
Becoming Your Own Greatest Leader; is my very first book. This book will take
many of the current beliefs that you have stored in your mind and question them. It
will confuse you in a way that will force you to think outside of the box. You cannot
master your own mind if the majority of your thoughts are based on those of
society and not any of the ideas or facts that you have created on your own. My
book is definitely one of a kind. I was inspired to write it while overwhelmed with the
feelings of people doing the same thing over and over, day after day and not looking
for a way to be the master of their own mind. Not finding the way to truly be their
own leader, in control of how their lives turn out. I explain in the book that if you are
not the master of your own mind, you are a zombie. You live the repetitive life of
society and are stuck in a comfort zone that is probably not even all that
comfortable, and how it is time for most people to think a bit differently, to master
your own mind, and be your own greatest leader.”
The key to happiness, is to become your "own" greatest leader.
This book has already touched lives, it is an easy ready as to not intimidate
anyone, appropriate for all walks of life and backgrounds. A great start to a new
way of thinking and a new and happy life in all areas.

Sonia Olivia Williams

Interests: Leadership, advocacy, self help, development, growth, mastering the mind, self control, diversity, self, relationships, stress

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  • Mastering the Mind by Mixing it Up- Key to Becoming Your Own Greatest Leader