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Suzzan Blac

Devon, United Kingdom


Home page:

I am predominately an artist, a painter of surrealism. My artworks come from the darkest corners of my mind. Those corners were filled with unspeakable horrors that I kept locked for many, many years. My world first became truly worthwhile, when I first held my newborn daughter in my arms. She was a beautiful angel... who saved me from myself. Soon after, I had a wonderful son. And I am now a Grandmother to a beautiful little girl. I live in a tiny village by the ocean with the love of my life. I am so grateful and appreciative of everything around me. Because when you have been in the dark...the light is astounding.


One summers afternoon, many years ago, I sat on a cemetery bench overlooking the ocean. I wanted the peace and quiet to think. I had painted my own story of abuse on forty two canvases. And although it had been extremely cathartic, I still hadn't found closure. I was toying with the idea of writing my memoirs, when I looked over the hill to the sound of a terrible commotion. There, I saw a family of four, the mother was holding a baby and looking away as the father punched his toddler son and then kicked him into the air. I was so enraged by this act, as I had not experienced this scene of violence since my own childhood abuse. I screamed at the father and tried to apprehend them, but they had disappeared into the crowds. I cried for the little boy, I cried for me as a little girl. And I cried for all those children in this world who are being abused daily. It was fate. It happened for a reason. And that reason was to help other victims and survivors of abuse, and to enlighten those who impose secondary victimisation. After my tears had subsided, I vowed to show the world what happened to me and what happens to others through the medium of paint. And I vowed to write my story, to tell the truth. I get many messages of thanks from others who have been through such atrocities. They tell me that I inspire them, but the truth is..they inspire me.

Interests:  I love to paint and write. I love photography, movies,classical music, crime stories,good documentaries and psychology. I love to walk on the beach on a still,spring morning and I love to feed the birds and squirrels that come to my windowsill. I love m

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  • The rebirth of Suzzan Blac