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Ed Decker

Indio, California, United States

Ed Decker is the founder and International Director of Saints Alive in
Jesus, a ministry that actively brings the gospel of grace to those lost
in the darkness of cultic bondage. He is a former Mormon who spent
almost twenty years of his adult life as a member of the LDS Church
before he became a born-again Christian.

Ed became a born-again Christian in 1975 led Ed when he
discovered the real love of God in Christ. It was then that Ed gave his
life to the real Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Once set free from
darkness, Ed dedicated his life to actively bring others into an
understanding of how the law and the prophets ended with the advent
of grace through Jesus. It has been his heart’s cry that every Mormon
be born again, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Ed is the co-author of the best selling book, The God Makers, which
has become a classic document on the subject of Mormonism. A
newly revised, updated and expanded edition has recently been
released. Both this book and Fast Facts on False Teaching are
available now on Kindle.

He also co-authored the book, Unmasking Mormonism,. Ed’s book,
The Mormon Dilemma, is a fictional novel on the subject and was
placed within the Harvest House series, Conversations With The
Cults, under the title, What You Need to Know About Mormons.
Within that same series is Ed’s book, What You Need To Know
About Masons. This book is having a tremendous impact on
Freemasonry in the family and the church.

Ed‘s other book, The Dark Side of Freemasonry, is a deep look under
the mask of the lodges.

Ed also co-authored The God Makers II book and the best seller,
Fast Facts on False Teachings. Following that, he compiled his
extensive research files on Mormonism and authored the hard cover
encyclopedic work, Decker's Complete Handbook on Mormonism,
which not only delineates the differences between LDS doctrine and
Christian orthodoxy, but also gives the Christian approach to

His most recent book, My Kingdom Come, The Mormon Quest for
Godhood is available through his ministry site as well as through

Ed was the creative force behind the explosive documentary films,
The God Makers, The Temple Of The God Makers, The Mormon
Dilemma, and worked closely with Jeremiah Films in the creation of
the video, The God Makers II.

Ed has carefully researched and authored numerous studies and
booklets on Mormonism and other subjects. Three of his most popular
booklets are To Moroni, With Love!, The Question of Freemasonry
and Understanding Islam.

Ed’s booklet, And The Word Became Flesh, was published by the
American Bible Society and is a compilation of scriptures revealing
the beauty, power and simplicity of the real gospel. It is free on his

Ed’s years of research on the subject of Freemasonry have led him
to become one of the leading Christian experts on the subject. His
books, booklets, and other materials on the subject are widely
distributed. His audio teaching to the Church on this subject,
Freemasonry and the Christian Church, is a compelling instruction to
the whole body of Christ.

The Saints Alive Web Site, is one of the most
active sites of its kind on the Web. It contains literally hundreds of
teachings and articles by Ed and other experts, has numerous audio
teaching tapes for free use and download and has a translation
system that will allow you to use the material in 6 languages. An on-
line bookstore allows the user to order any of Ed’s books, videos and
tapes right from home..

Ed is also the host of the very popular weekly radio program, The
Decker Report, found on the web at, or
through ITunes and many RSS feeds.

Ed mixes his deep knowledge with inner warmth of Christ’s love, an
inner peace that comes from knowing that he is covered by the blood
of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross of Calvary. Having once been lost,
his zeal for souls is the primary force behind his commitment and
life’s work.

Interests: family, fly fishing, reading, travel

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Published works:


  • Fast Facts on False Teachings