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Woelf Dietrich

Hastings, New Zealand

As a kid I consumed books and comics by the truckloads, reading anything from
fantasy to westerns to science fiction. I wrote my first short story at age 12 and soon
thereafter began creating my own comic books, drawing little stick figures with
dialogue balloons that later evolved into musclebound warriors and scantly clad
vixens. I gave them battle axes and broadswords and unleashed them on the world. A
silent chaos ensued followed by crickets chirping and nothing much else, but boy, did
I entertain myself. Alas, life kept interfering and I allowed it, and so nothing came
from my artistic endeavours.

After graduating high school I served a year in the military where I learned how to dig
trenches, eat quickly, and miss girls. I then travelled to Israel and lived on a Kibbutz
for eight months, working in avocado fields and drinking cheap vodka. For a while
thereafter I sold pots and pans and educational toys in Africa and almost got shot in
Zimbabwe. I did a brief stint as a cartoonist somewhere and an even briefer stint as
reporter somewhere else. Somehow, and maybe by accident, I ended up in law school
and became a lawyer. I did that for almost a decade.

These days I’m back to writing stories. A calling I ignored for far too long. I now live in
New Zealand, and with a wife and kids, and a dog, I’ll be staying put for the
foreseeable future. Not that I’ve a choice here. My kids are too adorable, my wife is
too beautiful and the dog, too damn loyal.

Interests: Reading plays a big part in my life. I love most genres, but I have a soft spot for fantasy, science fiction and hardboiled detective noir. I know, right? Right out of the blue that last one. Oh, and kayaking and fishing keeps me sane.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Seals of Abgal