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Laszlo Malota

Los Angeles, United States

„Laszlo Malota has written a breathtaking book, Sanctuary of the Guilty that
everyone should read for such a book will change perspectives. I hope that one day,
we will not only read it but see it as a movie. In the right hands, I am sure the movie
would be fantastic.” David Paul Kirkpatrick (Former President of the Paramount
Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Motion Picture Group)

Malota’s book Sanctuary of the Guilty (A Gyalázatosak Szentélye) topped the Best
Seller’s list in Europe. The Sanctuary of the Guilty overtook Bridget Jones’s Diary by
H. Fielding, The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien and Imre Kertesz’s novel
Fatelessness (Sorstalanság), which won a Nobel Prize. The Sanctuary of the Guilty
was so successful that pirated versions of the book were circulated widely in the
country, alongside the Nobel prize-winning work.

It received the following review from Miklós Jancsó (awarded Best Director at the
Cannes Film Festival for his work on Red Psalm):
“Laszlo Malota you honoured me with a copy of your novel. I read this novel three
times. I like it. I like it because of its irony. I like the author’s courage, his incredible
bravery. Are you aware of the importance of it? Do you know that you have stirred
up a hornest’s nest? It involves persecution, anger. Perhaps involving stakes or not.
Or maybe, all things considered, there could also be an auto-da-fe. A truly great film
could be made from it. That would cause a huge scandal. It would be an incredible
world scandal.”
“Nobody has yet written so bravely and honestly about the abuse, the hardship, and
the emotional and psychological terror of the catholic seminary as Laszlo Malota. He
introduces the world of the seminary, closed to outsiders, with sober objectivity. He
depicts the atmosphere of the seminary with such astonishing vividity that you feel
that you yourself have become a student of the seminary.”

Laszlo Malota swept through the public with his first, semi-autobiographical novel,
Sanctuary of the Guilty winning the hearts and minds of the Hungarian audiences.
His books have been on the bestseller list for a long time, occasionally surpassing
Imre Kertész’s Nobel Prize winning book.
Inspired by his own experiences as a seminary student, Laszlo Malota vividly depicts
the private world of the seminary and speaks with satire and honesty of its
sensuality, oppression and isolation. His protagonist struggles as he did, under the
careful scrutiny of the Church’s’ authority, to understand himself, and maintain his
faith while trapped behind walls of deceit. When eighteen year-old Marcus is bound
by an oath and recruited into a Catholic seminary he discovers nothing is sacred,
and everyone has secrets. Fighting for what he believes is right and risking
everything to hold onto his own identity, Marcus struggles to save the woman he
loves, a friend he respects and an ideal he holds dear. Stories of love are interwoven
through shocking encounters, which shake the very foundations of faith and doctrine,
by placing human nature in unforgiving surroundings. Unsure who to trust and with
damaging secrets to hide Marcus must endure, confess or escape, for the guilty find
no sanctuary until they receive judgment.
He has earned the title of one of the most read Hungarian authors with his gripping,
exciting, enthralling, subtle – and for this reason more powerful – and occasionally
seemingly playful style of writing.
Laszlo Malota was the second child of highly educated poor Jewish and Catholic
parents. As a child he showed a startling talent for music. His parents sent him to a
music school where he learned to play bassoon, piano, and violin. He went on to win
numerous prestigious competitions. His parent’s illness and the unreliability of a
career in music forced him to choose a more stable profession. At the age of
eighteen he enrolled in the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, where he stayed in a

Afterwards he worked as an arcade attendant, a teacher for orphans, a bouncer at a
nightclub, a personal trainer, and a cultural program manager. In 2002 he ran for
representative at a local council as an independent. He won and was awarded the
position of vice-president of the medical, social, and housing committee. Outside of
literature and classical music, he enjoys sports. He likes boxing, athletics, kayaking,
and tennis. He has also run many marathons.


Sanctuary of the Guilty
My Little Late Love
The Mystery of Rabbi Moishe
My Little Dead Angel
The Ungodly
The Women in My Life
The Flavor of Blood
What I Shouldn’t Talk About
Innocent Angels
Nights of Hope
Joys of Days Gone By

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Published works:


  • Sanctuary of The Guilty
  • The Mystery of Rabbi Moishe
  • My Little Dead Angel