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Vladi Vladimirov

Sofia, Bulgaria


Home page:

I’ve been a lawyer for 12 years now. I’ve published hundreds of articles in the biggest Bulgarian newspapers like Trud Daily, Novinar Daily and Pari Weekly. Some of these are available in the web also and may be found by googling my name in Cyrillic alphabet (Владислав Богоров). In 1994 my book “Хеопсов хоризонт” was published (ISBN 954 – 637 – 002 - 9) by Студентски литературно-издателски библиографски фонд "Аудитория", an obscure publisher that probably does not exist anymore. This year I finished a non-fictional book about Bulgarian society. It was edited by a retired US lawyer living in Bulgaria so the information in this biography does not give you a clear idea of how its text sounds. Obviously my command of the English language is not equal to the task. More, although I have the intimate knowledge of my country (I’m a Bulgarian), I’m not experienced in writing such kind of a book. In my opinion it turned out to be original, but lacking clear structure. Now I look for an agent.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes