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Russell Acord

Agent: Self
Deer Lodge, Montana, United States


Home page:

My bio is a bit tricky as I try to add a piece of myself to my writings. I was born in
Baltimore MD but as a child my father provided the greatest gift to our family and
moved us to the state of Montana. Personally I feel that this is the greatest state in
the US, but others will challenge that with their coast lines and warm climates, but
I hold my ground with my majestic scenery. My book is written around the
Bitterroot Mountains where I was raised and this allows for a closer description and
personal touch and texture to the landscape. I don’t have a great Bigfoot
experience to share except for the fact that many years ago high in the Bitterroot
Mountains, I came across footprints in the snow that were half again the size of my
size 11 boot. The stride taken was even too far apart to keep up with without a
good long jump effort… uphill. After grade school in Corvallis Montana and high
school in Arlee Montana I traveled throughout the states trying to find my own
direction but kept coming back to the familiar scenery of Montana as it always felt
like home. For many years I have had this idea in my mind of what I thought the
culture of how Bigfoot would live, and how they would keep so well hidden over the
many years. I listened carefully to the plentiful tales that were told about the
legendary Bigfoot and began to pick out the consistencies in the many stories and
decided that this would be the foundation of my book. As an adult I answered the
‘call of patriotism’ and enlisted in the Army and embarked on the greatest highs
and toughest lows of my life. I saw many different countries and cultures as a
soldier and rode the evolving pendulum of the military life. Never have I been more
proud of the men and women around me as I was serving my military career. I
wanted my twenty five years in; but the ‘rough duties’ of a soldier caught up with
me and I was medically (honorably) discharged from the US Army. The most
difficult day of my life was driving away from post knowing that I was now a retired
veteran and leaving my ‘active duty’ life behind. The military did however provide a
four year college education for me which in itself brought new challenges. I minored
in civil engineering and majored in Safety and Health Management and honored the
military by graduating ‘Magna Cum Laude’. I set out into the Nuclear Safety field
and kept typing away at the novel that had been brewing on my mind all these
years. With a little midnight candle effort I finally completed the first of my trilogy in
March of 2012. Currently I am putting together the second and third books that will
give answers to the first book that is out in print today. My life is simple; work hard,
give it your all, let your mind accept that there are possibilities on this planet and
secrets that have not yet been revealed. I believe that there are discoveries that
have yet to present themselves to us… maybe in our lifetime we will be amazed
with tangible evidence of Bigfoot, or we will have to keep believing in the possibility.

Interests: I am a dreamer; I like to think that the possibilities are endless, legends, myths, folklore and the stories that are whispered in the night around the camp fires. I love the outdoors, and the contours of the mountains and a sunset that needs to have

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Footprints of a Legend