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Stephen Morgan

Brussels, Belgium


Author of "Pussy Riot vs Putin Revolutionary Russia"

Stephen Morgan has been involved in politics since the age of 14. He began by unionizing students and young workers led the youth wing of the British Labour Party (LPYS) in the 1980's. At the age of 25, he was elected to serve on the Labour Party's National Executive Committee. Stephen was responsible for drafting and moving the resolution on the National Executive and worked very closely with the best known left-wing figure in British politics, Tony Benn, a former government minister and previously the longest serving member of the British Parliament. Tony Benn once said of him that;

“I have the highest regard for his ability...(he) is a serious, committed person and experienced in political life at the top......He has a broad historical and international perspective”

Following his time on the NEC, Stephen turned to international affairs as an analyst and activist in the struggles of the working class internationally. He was active in numerous struggles in the West European labour movement over a 20 year period and spent considerable time in dangerous situations fighting for workers' unity in the civil wars in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia. Stephen is no stranger to the risks and difficulties of dissident life. He lived for three years in the Eastern Soviet Bloc Communist countries, where he helped organize underground opposition groups.

He has also worked as a professional public speaker training people in presentation skills and is an Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach. Stephen has worked in some 31 countries and speaks English, French and German. He is active in revolutionary politics and has intervened recently in the events of the Egyptian revolution. He has an in-depth knowledge of Marxist theory and of the history of revolutionary movements worldwide. As a result of his fascination in the latest scientific theories of Chaos and Complexity, his analytical approach blends Marxist theory with these new disciplines.

Interests: Politics

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Published works:


  • Pussy Riot vs Putin Revolutionary Russia