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Tony Franks-Buckley

Wallasey, United Kingdom


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Wallasey Historian and Author that completed BA Honours Degree in Modern History at Liverpool John Moores University under the guidance of fellow author Prof Frank McDonough, Dr Mike Benbough-Jackson and a host of others.

Main interests in history are from the Industrial Revolution era in Britain, which was the beginning of the modern day Britain as we know it today. Also holds a keen interest in World War II due to being taught about the war through Uncle, who served in the Royal Navy and was involved in the D-Day landings.

As well as graduating from university, previously attended Wirral Metropolitan College in Birkenhead and gained A Level results through an Access to Higher Education Diploma in English Literature, History and Environmental Studies which allowed advancement to University. Covered areas of History such as:

19th Century America (Dr Mike Benbough Jackson)
Historians in Action
Revolutions in the Modern World
Reconstructing the Past (David Clampin)
British Economy & Society 1800-1990
British Political History 1832-1990 (Dr Mike Benbough-Jackson)
The Rise & Fall of the British Empire 1750 to the Present day
Key Skills in Historical Research
Decolonisation in Southeast Asia post 1945
Life on the British Home front during the Second World War,
Popular Culture in the nineteenth century, (Dr Mike Benbough-Jackson)
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Prof Frank McDonough)
Liverpool during the Industrial Revolution 1700-1850

Currently conducting historical research for Historical-Fiction Novel, has previously written books such as:

The History of Wallasey - A Small Surburb with a Large History
The History of Birkenhead & Bidston.
An Introduction to the West Wirral Coastline
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Wirral Peninsula
The Treasure of Treasures - Part 1 Ye Black Rock
The History of Pirates in Wallasey & The Preface to the Hector Hornsmith Chronicles
New Brighton - A Victorian Seaside Resort
Wallasey - Days Gone By

Creator of Hector Hornsmith who features in "The History of Pirates in Wallasey & The Preface to the Hector Hornsmith Chronicles" as well as "The Treasure of Treasures" Hector Hornsmith will also feature in first Historical-Fiction Novel on Mother Redcaps that was situated on the New Brighton shoreline.

New Brighton has a vast amount of history and its early history was the Pirates and Smugglers that came to the shores of Wallasey from the 16th Century onwards. New Brighton later became one of the major Victorian seaside resorts in Britain for the working class and this was heavily detailed in The History of Wallasey A Small Suburb with a Large History.

The Hector Hornsmith Chronicles will be re-introducing several old Pirates back into the public eye whilst introducing the reader to new Pirates who are known only locally such as Privateer Fortunatus Wright and Mother Redcap herself.

The tales of Hector Hornsmith are based in a place called Ye Black Rock, which is now better known as New Brighton, Wallasey. Mother Redcaps Inn, in which Captain John Gray and Hector Hornsmith reside, was a real life smugglers haunt.

Mother Redcap's started as an inn built in 1595. In the 1770's it was taken over by buxom, shrewd Polly "Poll" Jones, who always wore a red hood or cap. This gave the inn its nickname 'Mother Redcaps'. The Hector Hornsmith Chronicles has introduced a new character as the lover and partner of Polly Jones and this is Captain John Gray.

Cut off on a coast from the rest of Wirral by Bidston Moss, it became a notorious haunt of smugglers and their contraband. A dummy weather vane warned them of the danger or otherwise of approaching the inn. Underground passages are reputed to link it with different parts of New Brighton. It was well known for its strong, home-brewed ale and the sailors trusted Old Mother Redcap to look after their wages while they were at sea. They also used to hide here to escape the Press Gang. It was rebuilt in 1888 and demolished in 1974 as it had become badly vandalized beyond repair.

So now is the time for Hector Hornsmith to tell his tales and enlighten the world to the legends and myths of the piratical past of Wallasey and reignite the fables that have been passed down through generations of people who live local in the area.

The question is who will triumph first, Will Captain John Gray finally find "The Treasure of Treasures or will Lord Captain James Vernon fulfil his duty to the King and finally capture his foe, in which he has failed for Seven years but is growing closer each day and he firmly believes he will soon have him within his grasp.

The History of Pirates in Wallasey and the Preface to The Hector Hornsmith Chronicles is now available in Paperback and Kindle Formats "The Torment of Tortuga" will be the first Novel in the series and will be released in 2013.

Interests: Enjoys reading works by Historians such as: John Belchem Phyllis Deane Eric Hobsbawm Peter Mathias Dr Mike Benbough-Jackson Prof Frank McDonough Gavin Chappell David Clampin Ron Noon Hugh Thomas David Cannadine Derek Fraser Malcolm Falkus

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Hector Hornsmith Diary Entries Preface To The Memoirs of Hector Hornsmith
  • Nonfiction

  • The History of Birkenhead & Bidston
  • Wallasey - Days Gone By
  • The HitchHikers Guide to the History of the Wirral Coastline
  • New Brighton - A Victorian Seaside Resort
  • An Introduction to the West Wirral Coastline
  • The History of Wallasey - a Small Suburb with a Large History
  • Children's Literature

  • The Treasure of Treasures - Part 1 Ye Black Rock