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Kerwyn Joseph

CHaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago


Home page:

My values are expressed in the love and care I show for my family; a great joy is being able to pray with and listen to the prayers of my two little angels.
My integrity is demonstrated in walking away from a few business opportunities because I refused to prostitute my way with words to promote a message I believed to be false. If not for my integrity I would be a rich man already.
My creativity is seen in my drawings, read in my poetry and respected in the many ideas for business I have received and continue to receive.
My humanity is witnessed in my many flaws and the mistakes I have regrettably committed but humbly learn from.
My passion is best measured in the things I have lost while pursuing the things that I love whether it be my God, my Wife or my Goals.
My name redeemed, my age is eternity, my purpose on this earth is to touch the hearts of many.
I have worked in a fast food chain, a grocery, on a delivery truck, a clothing store, private labs and hospitals, with artists, interior designers, pot and fountain builders. I have worked with blood samples as well as red paint; stool and mortar, petri dishes and paint brushes.
I have known comfort and distress; getting a job and getting fired, victory and defeat...this is but a part of my story...this bio but a sample of me

Interests: Enjoying the art of receiving business solutions through ideas and trying to bring them into reality. Expressing the endless flow of inspiration through the lyrical playground of poetry, the craft of motivational speaking and the sombre silence of writing

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes