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danilo Smajich

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Lowellville, Ohio, United States


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Just a "born-on-a-farm" type of guy, that accumulated
alot of scars , physical, emotional, and memorable along
the path of maturity. There's lines of laughter, too. :)

Writing was somehow in my blood since childhood. Our
lengthy winter days and nights were spent reading classics
by kerosene lamp or candlelight. I remembered the messages
the writers and authors screamed out for the world to hear.
And now, the world does not have writers who wrote for the
same purposes that Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Carl
Sandburg, not to mention the great Russian and French writers at the turn of the century. No ideologists today.
Gone are the Dostoyevski. Chekhov, Soloviyev, Gorky,
Berdayev, Tolstoiy, to name a few. There is not now, nor has there been writers of their calibre since.

Today, quality has taken an anaemic turn toward serving
the influences of the Media, Publishers and Agents.

After that editorial, I should add that I wrote for various
papers -like the Armed Services Journal, was news
commentator for Radio Vagabond [Korea], plus freelance
work for news syndicates and worldwide press.
Stints with the corporate world, such as VP of an AD/PR
firm on Madison Avenue taught me alot about mirrors and
black magic with text,sounds, and the immoral and unethical use of sexfor exploitation and commercial purposes by the media.
As VP of Int'l Marketing with one top-ten corporations,
I learned which mirror portrayed the true image.
Yes, real lessons were provided courtesy of the world
of politics and economics, via several years as Intelligence operative throughout the world...mostly in
the dark shadows and corners. And, that arena is where one
can survive [maybe], but not without the scars on head and heart and soul. It is where one meets oneself - the "true you" - like it or not!
And by the way, it's not so glamorous as James Bondsy type
of celluloids portray. Hardly!

So, with all that wonderful experience, I decided to
cash in and carve a niche by writing about it. But, how?
I had a couple manuscripts stolen. One while I lay in a
coma for seven weeks due to "professional persuasion".
But, undeterred, I think I can find my audience
and hope that I'm good enough with words to convey the
disturbing prostitution of ethical standards that people
are accepting with public apathy. It brought down many culturesin past history. Read about them.

...researching the dark corners and back alleys where others dare not tread, seeking stories that are screaming to be told...

Interests: History, and those that made it ;environment by participation and enjoyment; adventure by participation; writing/reading non fiction; traveling the backroads and no roads...making a path; cycling; finding and meeting challenges.Religion. "Running upwin

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Old Fossils in a New Stream"