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Sudheer Maurya

Unnao, India


Home page:

Sudheer was born in Kanpur city of Utter Pradesh – India. Sudheer has done
Masters in Manegment, Bachelor in History/Philosphy & Diploma in Engg.He
works as a Engg since 2002. He writes articles on Social, Political, Philosophy,
Gender related and developmental issues for different research projects. His major
area of studies and research as like Political current affairs, history, social issues
Poetry and Fiction. Currently he works for system & components (I) pvt ltd an engg
company. He regularly keeps writing News Analysis and Blog. He has been able to
work in several social development organizations where has delivered lectures on
various subjects. He vigorously believes in writings that writings can bring Change if
we know how to write and preserve the realities in Words. They preserve Past,
Present & Future, Without Writings world like Idol which has not beauty. Writings
are as alike as life..!I disown greedy power which causes to slavery!


नाम---------------सुधीर मौर्य 'सुधीर'
जन्म---------------०१/११/१९७९, कानपुर
राज्य---------------उत्तर प्रदेश
तालीम-------------अभियांत्रिकी में डिप्लोमा, इतिहास और दर्शन में स्नातक, प्रबंधन में पोस्ट
सम्प्रति------------इंजिनियर, और स्वतंत्र लेखन.
कृतियाँ------------१) 'आह' (ग़ज़ल संग्रह),
प्रकाशक- साहित्य रत्नालय, ३७/५०, शिवाला रोड,
कानपुर- २०८००१
२) 'लम्स' (ग़ज़ल और नज़्म संग्रह)
प्रकाशक- शब्द शक्ति प्रकाशन, ७०४ एल.आई.जी.-३,
गंगापुर कालोनी, कानपुर
३) 'हो न हो" (नज़्म संग्रह)
प्रकाशक- मांडवी प्रकाशन, ८८, रोगन ग्रां, डेल्ही गेट,
४) 'अधूरे पंख" (कहानी संग्रह)
प्रकाशक- उत्कर्ष प्रकशन, शक्यापुरी, कंकरखेडा,
५) 'एक गली कानपुर की' (उपन्यास)

संपर्क----------------ग्राम और पोस्ट-गंज जलालाबाद, जनपद-उन्नाव,
पिन-२०९८६९, उत्तर प्रदेश
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Interests: Writting, Travling,Reading

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Adhure Pankh
  • Adhure Pankh
  • Poetry

  • Ho na ho
  • Aah