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Steve Stillwell
Zealous writers can make it to the top if they pay attention to details... I've worked as a freelance journalist for the Mena Star newspaper and enjoy covering a wide array of topics, especially sports. A diversified background as a police officer, carpenter, handyman and insurance professional helped to refine my career as a writer. My articles ha

Wynne Huddleston
Wynne Huddleston's poetry has been published in numerous ezines, ebooks journals, and anthologies, including Birmingham Arts Journal, Camroc Press Review, and Danse Macabre. Her poem "Same Stars, Different Houses" received a Pushcart Nomination from Deep South Magazine. She is the Mississippi Poetry Society 2014 Poet of the Year, the recipient of

Donna Wallingsford
Writing has always been a big part of my life, but my interest in a writing career didn't begin until high school. The counselor suggested I take a journalism course for extra credit. I didn't really know what journalism was, but it sounded like fun. It was. From that time on, I have been a wordsmith. I went on the be the editor of the quart

Ronald Mendell
Writing Experience: • Book Author: Four books since 1994. The Quiet Threat: Fighting Industrial Espionage in America is being typeset (Charles C. Thomas 2003). The latest title published by Charles C. Thomas, 2000, How to Do Financial Asset Investigations, 2nd edition. Previous titles were Investigating Computer Crime, 1998 and How to Cond

Melissa Farlow
Writers of fantasy and historic fiction in group setting. Our needs are "special" and specific. We are searching for an agent for fantasy novel that is near completion and over one year in the writing. As a collective we are looking for an agent who will: 1.) Respect the needs of a group of 5 writers a.) and realize that this is a collecti

Brian David
Writers block is my life, it is as if I have volumes of worthy material in my head yet I fear the potential and responsiblity to let it out. This in turn leads to spontanious outbursts when I can no longer unconciously hold back my flow of conciousness and it pours forth upon any medium of communication that is in front of me at the current time.

Kenneth Hoss
Writer, computer nut, and Texas Rangers fan. I have been living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for most of my life, with the exception of my time in the military from the early '70's to the late '80's. Mild mannered Information Systems tech by day, avid reader and writer by night. Follow me on Twitter:http://twitter.com/#!/kennhoss My Blog

Damian Orona
Writer of Storm Inside My Head and The Ballad Of Charlie Braxton. I was raised in New Mexico and Texas and have made every experience a story to tell. There are many interesting things to learn so it is important to never stop learning.

William Rieser
William Alan Rieser, B.A., M.A., A.E.E.T., writes full time after varied careers in music (performance, composing and conducting), computer/electronics industries, umpiring and teaching. His short stories in the Speculative Fiction genre are published in several magazines and e-zines. He also contributes literary and humorous articles on the subj

Scott Burke
Whoa, on the spot, man. I mean if I don't write something witty, intelligent and articulate immediately, I'll be seen as a farce to anyone who reads this. And yet, what if I write something amazingly wonderful, only to find out that no one of consequence actually reads these? Isn't that just the irony? To write a biographical masterpiece about a

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