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Browse our range of creative writing links especially for the imaginative author!
NB: Links were correct and working at time of publishing. WritersNet accepts no responsibility for dead links.

End of Times Party
We are a new comical satirical website looking for writers to contribute and showcase. Our subject matter pertains to the end of times and particularly to 2012. We have three criteria for our writer, funny, satirical and witty. We also will take serious ongoing stories. Our site is endoftimesparty.com and we will help any writers publish and distribute their works. In addition we are looking for poets, songwriters, artist, cartoonist, comic book writers, graphic artist, bands and entrepreneurs who want to make money from their products or works. they will be able to post their work and if we like what we see we will support and possibly fund their endeavors.

If you have any interest in our project call Tony at 512-541-1653.

The Art of Writing Instant Muse Utilities
The Art of Writing Instant Muse page is a gateway to writing inspiration. There are two writing prompt Muses to choose from: the Poetry Generator, which produces a first line of poetry from lists of random words, and the Story Starter, which furnishes the writer with elements for a story -- character details, themes, settings, etc.

Aylad's Writers' Group
Aylad's Writer's Group (now Aylads Publishing) has free critique groups and lots of valuable information for creative writers.

Bizango: The Writer's Domain

Thoughts and articles by creative writers.

Colorado College Creative Writing
Resources from the English department of Colorado College.

Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing
This site offers writers of all levels and genres new ideas on the essential elements of storytelling: creating dynamic characters, identifying what's at stake in a story, and ensuring that both the plot and story lines converge into an emotionally fulfilling resolution.

FicTech for Novelists
Learn the techniques used by today's best-selling authors: characterization, description, dialog, dramatic action, exposition, setting, plot, theme structure, reviews and analyses of noteworthy novels, working methods, publishing trends, interviews, creativity exercises, literary challenges, topical links and resources for writers.

Online Workshops in Creative Writing
Earn an Accredited Creative Writing Certificate by taking any combination of the creative writing courses listed in the online course catalog. The creative writing courses below can also be taken individually for non-certificate credit.

Pizzaz! Creative Writing
PIZZAZ! is dedicated to providing simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable (yes, copyable!) handouts for use with students of all ages. Permission is given to use these resources for in-class, non-profit use only.

Poets & Writers Online
P&W focuses on the source of literature, providing support and exposure to writers at all stages in their development. P&W assists authors in their search for career-related information, outlets for their work, opportunities for professional advancement and community with other writers.

The Story A Day Writer's Kit
Every day, for 30 days, write a mini-story (500 words or less) about the topic given for that day. If this site catches on, I will be changing the topics monthly. Give it a try! It might give you some great ideas, or help you get in that all-important habit of writing every day.

The Story Exchange
The Story Exchange is a great place for anyone who loves to read to find great short stories, essays, vignettes, and poetry, and a place for writers to come together. We're sure you can find something of interest here, whether it be simply reading the writing of the talented authors we've published here, or sharing some of your own work with us.

Thoughts Beneath The Trees
Creativity at its best, promotes creative acts in others, inspirations breed inspiration, and beginnings beget beginnings. Authors, poets, and artists with complementary work are thus encouraged to submit material for inclusion here.

Write to the Heart!
Is there a relationship or time of your life you want to explore? Is there a difficult memory you want to put into perspective? Do you have family stories you want to tell or give as gifts? Is there someone you'd like to honor with a celebration of words? Writing is good therapy as well as art!

Suite101 Writers' Suite!
This community offers Suite's Feature Writers a comfortable place to work on non-Topic-related material, whether it is fiction, poetry, drama, humor, or commentary.

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