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Darin Beasley


Home page: http://www.marcopoloartsmag.com

Founded: 2009

Website: http://www.marcopoloartsmag.com/

Marco Polo is an online literary and art magazine. In addition to fiction, flash fiction (maximum word count 1500), nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, creative short nonfiction, poetry, prose poetry, and art, our features include: Talk: Interviews with authors, filmmakers and artists Camera: A photo-document document of what happens when someone borrows Marco Polo's camera and takes photos, or, if the photographers live in another country, the photo-document document of what those artists capture with their camera with the same idea in mind. A document on the evolution of what we see and who we are when we see it. Truffaut: Literature and art devoted to and inspired by the works and legacy of Francois Truffaut L.A.: Nonfiction and fiction about the city from writers and artists who live there Residence Writers and artists in residence at the magazine To contribute to any of the above, please contact marcopoloartsmag@gmail.com Marco Polo publishes weekly, and sometimes daily. We read submissions all year. International and stateside submissions may be sent online ― query first and introduce yourself and your work to us at marcopoloartsmag@gmail.com. We accept submissions of prose, personal essays, lyric essays, and nonfiction. HOW WE LIKE IT Prose: Short Stories. Flash Fiction (maximum word count 1500), Micro Fiction, Short Shorts, whatever you call it or want to call it, perhaps you invented a new form. Original, quirky, humorous, profound, and offbeat stories win with us―the more original and true to voice the better. Show us what you write when you write with your voice. No novel excerpts considered unless the work can stand on its own. We do not consider genre fiction. Personal Essay: Analytic Meditation. Consolation. Diary or Journal Entry. Diatribe. Humor. List. Lecture. Letters (Epistolary Essay). Mosaic. Memoir. Portrait. Lyric Essay Narrative Nonfiction Nonfiction: Autobiography. Biography. Food. History. Literary Criticism. Natural History. Philosophy. Science. Sport. Travelogue. Francois Truffaut: Short stories, flash fiction, prose poems, film studies and lyric essays are welcome, written however Francois Truffaut’s work and legacy inspire you. Please see our Truffaut section in the archived issues for examples. L.A.: Artists and writers who live or have lived in Los Angeles may submit nonfiction or fiction about what it's like to live there. Poetry: Poetry submissions are now being accepted. Please send an email of introduction. Writers may submit up to 3 poems for consideration. Please include the poems by pasting them within the body of the email of introduction. Camera: Marco Polo hands off its camera to an artist and when they're ready to give it back they return it with a ton of images they've shot. However, if you live somewhere other than the States and you've got a great idea for the Camera feature, please send us your query. We welcome and encourage international contributors for Camera. Interview: Interviews with artists, authors and filmmakers. Art: If there is a particular artist you love and want to write an essay about their work, please contact us. You may love a painting and have already written about it. You may be writing about art. You may be taking the traditional approach to art writing in a new direction. Let us hear about what you're up to and what you write and would like to share with us. Featured Art: We like to handpick the featured artists ourselves but remain open to suggestions. If you are an artist or know of an artist whose work is similar to the art featured in Marco Polo Arts Mag and in the quarterly's archive, feel free to approach us. Residence: Three or six month online residencies for writers and artists. You come to the magazine and make what you want. Look at current residents' work to see if this is something for you. If interested, submit proposal for consideration. + + + + + After you've sent your query and we've responded, please email one submission at a time. There are no limits to word length but use discretion. Submit what best represents your writing. Indicate what you are sending in the subject line, i.e., Fiction; Nonfiction; Los Angeles; Interview pitch; Truffaut; Camera. We will respond to your submission as soon as possible. Previously published material will not be considered. Simultaneous submissions are fine but inform us should your work be accepted elsewhere. If you have any questions regarding information provided here, email us at marcopoloartsmag@gmail.com. At this time we do not offer monetary compensation for accepted work. Marco Polo acquires first rights for publication. Upon publication, rights revert to author/artist.


Marco Polo is all about discovery.