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Ketevan Kiguradze

Founded: 2004

Website: http://www.siestabooks.blogspot.com

Publishing House SIESTA The Publishing House SIESTA was funded in 2004. It is already 7 years, since the Publishing House SIESTA successfully runs the Georgian book market. We are concerned about interest of our reader, accurately choosing the books to publish and we are advancing through the thematic depth and quality. The reputation of our publishing house has been created in the recent years by the choice of valuable and high standard literature. SIESTA editions of works by the contemporary classical authors and high quality translations of the foreign literature, had been awarded in Georgian literal life a number of honorary prizes and awards. Our authors had been awarded many times the prizes like “SABA”, in 2007, 2008, 2009, “GALA” prize, in 2009, “MUZA”, in 2009 (for the best novel of year, the best play of year, a poetry collection and debut) etc. Our publishing house is oriented on innovation and enrichment of the experience. SIESTA publishes confidently poetry collections by young Georgian poets, works by beginner authors, whose support carries out shortly after the expectations of SIESTA. The basic principle of our activity is to offer the reader the largest choice of literature, according to his interest. We are constantly introducing our readers with a new set of books, new author names, and new works. SIESTA publishes monthly approx. 5 new books. Our company has published during its 7 years of existence about 300 titles all together. At the present, 100 titles among them is on sale. SIESTA has been all these years highly estimated by the readers and media resources. The Publishing House SIESTA represents the best books by the Georgian and foreign authors. Among them are translations of novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Herman Hesse, essays by Miguel de Unamuno, plays by Morice Maeterlinck, short stories by Wladimyr Vysocky, old Japanese poems, Swedish and Finnish contemporary literature and other translations... Now days, SIESTA counts as one of the leaders at the Georgian book market, according to its editions and number of released books. The share of our company consists of 10 % at the Georgian publishing market. As to the genres and trends, SIESTA publishes the best novels, short stories, poetry, suspense, science fiction, essays, Children literature and critics. Ketevan Kiguradze Publisher