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Bruce Edwin

Santa Monica, 5, United States  

Home page: www.StarpowerManagementLLC.com

Founded: 1989

Website: http://www.StarpowerManagementLLC.com

STARPOWER MANAGEMENT LLC Tel: 310-226-7176 starpowermanagementllc@gmail.com Starpower Management LLC, a limited liability corporation established in 2003, is a celebrity model and talent management firm, publishing, and production company based and licensed in the city of Santa Monica, California. MISSION STATEMENT To manage a small number of talented actors, models, bands, singers, and select brands in to a position of celebrity-level success with name, face, voice and or product recognition (celebrity status), with the utmost in financial and career growth, with passion, honesty and integrity. THE BUSINESS Starpower Management, LLC is a full service model and talent company. The firm has no advance fees and follows Talent Management Association (T.M.A.) standards. The company considers select companies, fashion models, actors, performing artists, fine artists, writers, and directors by referral only, or those of celebrity status. Unsolicited submittals are not accepted. MANAGEMENT The company works directly with other A-list agencies, celebrity publicists, entertainment attorneys, major motion picture studios, major record labels, music and film producers, and stars among more. In addition to general booking via its partners, the firm packages its select clients in to already established feature film and television properties. The company regularly positions its clients on the red carpet and in other celebrity events. With its decades of experience in most all areas of the arts; fashion, photography, film, art, music, publishing, and fine art, along with its decades of successful skills in marketing, research, development, publicity, sales, journalism, networking, pop culture, and subculture, Starpower Management LLC holds an elite position as a powerful force in entertainment with its rare ability to navigate within all areas of the arts and business - from creative to commerce, working with many of the most renown entertainment leaders in the world. Stars which the company represents or works with are confidential, provided in confidence to other celebrities and industry executives only. The company is comprised of the following divisions; NEW FACES - WOMEN, NEW FACES - MEN, NEW FACES - CHILDREN, FILM & TELEVISION TALENT DEPARTMENT, MUSIC DEPARTMENT - PERFORMING, MUSIC DEPARTMENT- RECORDING, MUSIC DEPARTMENT - PUBLISHING, LITERARY DEPARTMENT, PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT, which includes SPECIAL EVENTS, the PUBLISHING DIVISION which includes THE HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL, HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL PUBLIC RELATIONS, and SUBNORMAL MAGAZINE, and the PRODUCTION division which includes THEATRICAL, T.V., WEBISODIC, and VIDEO GAME. The company does not accept unsolicited submissions. Unsolicited materials sent will be discarded, deleted, and sender blocked from further communication. The company owns the affiliate PR firm Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations which is a professional public relations firm for emerging and established writers, actors, artists, and companies. Contact Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations and tel / fax: 310-226-7176 or by visiting www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com

CEO, Starpower Management LLC President, Hollywood California Press Association President, International Music Workers Union Publisher, The Hollywood Sentinel, www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com Publisher, Subnormal Magazine

Film, Models, civil rights, human rights, 60's counterculture, films noir, French New Wave, supernatural horror, poetry