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Sonja and Chad Lilly


Website: http://

I am the co-owner of www.innercirclepublishing.com which has been operating for 10 years. Our publishing company has 3 imprints: i.c.ART ~ which we just recently opened for art publications. InnerCircle (parent company) ~ which is dedicated to poetry, metaphysics, spiritual wisdom's, stories and teaching. Our 3rd imprint Rev Press (sort for Revolution Press) ~ created 5 years ago is a platform for authors to have a chance in the world of publishing their work. Open to all genres. We created Rev Press as a platform for freedom to authors to have a chance ~ most publishing houses will not accept work unless it has a market of which if they do not 'see' the potential for several hundred or thousand copies sold they merely spit out a kind rejection letter. We realized that voices of written word and talent were hidden from opportunity because of this. This was the founding birth of the Rev Press imprint. We believe that if one has a passion for writing and wishes to give their material a chance in the world of being published ~ their passion should be rewarded with a chance to do so. Not judged by the belief of a publisher, but 'get their feat wet' and allow them the platform to be heard. Our company is structured and founded on the principle of cooperation - rather than competition. Symbiosis. Everyone collectively working together, which not only brings rewarding connections and support, but also success. We work one on one with our authors and guide them through the whole process ~ they retain 100% royalties ... Because we believe they should - it is their work! 100% rights of their work, and also 100% creative input to the creative and design aspects of the presentation of their publication. If they have a 'vision' in mind we try to recreate that vision utilizing our design knowledge and background, if they do not have a 'visual', then we work with them until we produce something that not only they love, but we also, as giving the highest quality for representation of our publications as it will be promoted with our name, we have high standards on presentation. We guide our authors through marketing and how to expose their publication also - mutually beneficial ~ as we wish for our publications to be highly exposed as much as the authors themselves do. We have avenues through media and radio to also do this. We have worldwide distribution through Ingram (the largest) Even under REV press we give the same worldwide distribution as all authors, so the same availability and level playing ground to have their work purchased around the world. We are very eager to connect with you and look forward to hearing from you, Blessings, Sonja and Chad Lilly