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Janie Paine

P.O. Box 38
Carson, 32, United States  

Home page: plainjanebooks.com

Founded: 2008

Website: http://plainjanebooks.com

Plain Jane Books was created to give unpublished writers a chance to around the big catch 22 in publishing, which is: You need a good agent to get published, to get a good agent you need to be published. If you've got a good read, let us see! We are NOT a POD or Vanity publisher. We publish small runs, and do not purchase the copyright. If you get noticed by one of the big guys you can say " I have been published, and NOT by a vanity publisher." Our contract states that you pay us back, strictly from book sales. You get royalties on ALL books sold, it's 90% to us, 10% to you until you've paid us for the publishing (Usually around $2,000) After that it's 80% to you and 20% to us. We do editing, proofreading, lay out and design and cover art. If we turn you down, we tell you WHY. We'll look at any type of manuscript. We feel the big guys have narrowed the field until all that there is to read are horror/violent/ shoot-em up who done- it's. Tired of that. We are a mom and pop business who'd love to help you get there from here. We want to read new books, you guys are writing them. Lets get together and get some new reads out there! Coming this summer: Jumpers Teeth- Take a wild ride into the mind of an untreated schizophrenic. This book squats over the thin line between insanity and genius.-- amazing.--- by VonPat Pioneering- A near future fiction where 16 people playing a reality survivor style television game end up stranded in the Ural Mts. of Siberia after the Super-Volcano that is gestating under Yellowstone erupts. By J.A. Fastovsky Are you next? I hope so! Query us! Via E-mail--cover letter and first 50 pages. plainjanebooks@yahoo.com Snail mail--- cover letter first 50 pgs, and sase Plain Jane books P.O. box 38 Carson, New Mexico 87517 We can provide ISBN's

We'll look at anything. Fiction, non-fiction, & in between